Working At Home Is Harder Than You Would Think – Here Is How You Get Better At It

My dream back then, was to earn money while just staying in my room. It’s a dream that not only I had, but also a bunch of other lazy millennials had too. And I DID manage to get a writing job that only made me work in my room while facing my laptop.

The thing is, it wasn’t easy.

Why? Because you’re at your home and it makes you feel compelled to even more lazy. Thoughts like “Ah, I’ll just do it later” or “I’m at home and it’s only on my computer anyway” always run in my mind the whole time and in the end, I barely got myself to write a single article in a day at all. And guess what? I barely made any money from that job, all because I thought it was a good idea to leave work off just to keep watching YouTube videos and read books instead of working.

I wasn’t focused. So I quit that job and went applying for ANOTHER writing job that doesn’t enable any of my bad habits.

I know I was probably the worst person to take on that job. I learned my lesson. However, I still think it’s within my right to help out the ones who have enough motivation to work at home like that out. So I will.

Staying Focused!

Yeah, since this one was what rally did me in, here are the tips FOR staying focused.

  • Know your goals – it sets your mind. Knowing what you’re aiming for makes it easier to keep yourself seated to work.
  • Control your social media – it’s basically the biggest wall to climb over if you’re thinking about controlling yourself. Social media is addicted, after all.
  • Reward yourself sometimes – give yourself treats whenever you manage to finish a task. And make the treats better and better as the day goes. It’s easier to work knowing there’s something at the end waiting.
  • Get rid of distractions – seriously, this is easier said than done. Try anyway. Turn off your phone and block people out. Lock yourself in your room if you have to.
  • Motivate yourself – hype yourself up so you’re up to the task. And remember about the goal you plan to get to.

Also, as an additional after-thought, maybe it would be better if you also put these tips into consideration.

  • Build your workplace and turn it into your very own office.
  • Organise, organise, organise.
  • Time management
  • Balance work and life

Remember that whenever you’re in your office, you are in work-zone. Treat it as if it was a different office that you go to work to, minus the other employees and the need to commune. A little personal tip that gets you going; bathe and dress properly before working. It helps your mind get fresher.