Working at Home – Carving Your Own Career

Decades ago, the stereotype personal image of a successful person was a one wearing a business suit and working in a pristine office inside a tall office building. He drives to work in a nice car. His staff greets him in the morning, and his secretary reminds him of his daily meetings. All day, he checks out his computer, calls clients and partners to strike deals, or determines a strategy to improve the company’s growth. At times, he goes out of his office to meet business partners over lunch or travel to another side of the world to monitor a company branch.

Typical corporate work does have its own disadvantages. Obviously, one has to spend time and money in commuting or driving to the workplace. Also, at work, one is always at the behest of superiors, which can cause friction, resentment, and feelings of modern “slavery.” To maintain a positive working environment, the person needs to adjust to the whim, character, and attitude of each of his teammates and managers. Finally, there are deadlines to beat, reports to be made, and managers to impress. All these and other factors can cause stress, disillusion, and resentment.

Today, there is now another option to pave one’s way to success, and that is by establishing a home business. As its name implies, it is an enterprise which is run from one’s own home.

If you are a person who is sick of having a corporate career, then having your own home business may be the perfect option for you. Consider the advantages:

* No more commuting or driving from your home to work. That means you save on time, money, and gas.

* No more dress codes. Are you uncomfortable wearing a coat and tie or a corporate blouse? Well, having a home business solves that; you can wear anything you’re comfortable with! There’s a bonus: you don’t have to spend on new business attire anymore.

* You can save money! You don’t have to buy food for lunch because you have it in your own fridge. You don’t have to head to the coffee shop because you can make your own coffee at home.

* You can make your office the way you want it. Do you want to make your office purple? Do you want an office decorated with flowers? For sure, you can’t modify your working space in a corporate office, But you certainly can customize your office at home.

* No one to boss you around. You are your own boss! You are the author of your own success.

* You enjoy utmost flexibility. You establish your own schedule. You can “take a leave” whenever you want, with no one hindering you.

* There’s no need to fill up forms and documents to do anything.

* You can spend time with your family. Just think: at home, you can work on a project while keeping watch over the baby. During breaks, you can simply head to the kitchen and cook something for lunch.

* Without a boss who is constantly breathing on your back or officemates whom you can’t stand working with, you experience less stress.

Home business gives you a chance to work while you travel. Simply bring a netbook or a laptop during your sojourn, and plug it in a place that has an Internet connection. That’s the best of both worlds, right?

Go for home business now!