Moving To A House Or An Apartment?

Well, for one thing, you should decide if you want to have roommates and how much you’re willing to pay for it first before you think about getting either. Don’t forget that rent and utilities are expenses and if you want to spend that much on a living area, then you should take that into account.


Well, they’re bigger than apartments and are more comfortable if you are moving with your family. It even comes with a yard sometimes, which would be awesome if you have a dog or an obsession with gardening. However, that’s a lot of work and a lot of wasted extra space you’re paying for, if it’s not your cup of tea. True, there isn’t much noise in a house compared to an apartment, but how will someone who likes to be surrounded with people fair off in this?

Then again, you can easily have other people be your roommates here and you can even share the expenses really easily, compared to renting an apartment together. And if you so happen to be someone who like the peace and quiet, then you don’t have to worry living in a house because at least you don’t share a wall with strangers on the other side. No worries about being overheard or hearing something you REALLY weren’t supposed to. I call this a win.


Since you’re literally sharing a building with a bunch more people, the cost is lowered. Unfortunately, so is the privacy. As I stated above, you’re sharing a wall with strangers who could probably hear your conversations and other questionable activities, depending on the kind of wall it is. Still, if you’re aiming for something that is cheaper and could get your through temporarily, apartments are the way to go. There are even some that are legitimately really good. And on the plus side, if the area you picked is safe and secure, you won’t have to worry about burglars or beggars coming at your door and disturbing the peace and quiet.

Both have their benefits and their disadvantages, which is why picking which you plan to move into is a little frustrating at times. Nonetheless, research is called research for a reason. If you know what you want and where you plan to be living next, then you shouldn’t have much problems. Knowing the good and bad between the two is a good start. And if you’re actually someone with a lot of money on you, then why not go for a condo instead? You won’t have to worry about any maintenance living in one because your expenses cover that too. From snow-shovelling to lawn-mowing, the monthly expenses that you pay every single month covers that so you make sure to take advantage of it, yeah?