How to Pack Your Stuff Well When Moving to A Different Location

Moving and settling in another location whether is a household move or an office move is always a very stressful time in our lives. Here are a few things to remember when moving.

1. Prepare all the packing materials. Buy boxes of all sizes, packaging tapes, plastic bubbles to protect sensitive objects from scratching, wires, ropes, cutter, scissors and old newspapers.

2. Plan your packing on a per room basis in the house or office. Start with packing the least important item to the most important item in the room.

3. Label the boxes with the contents inside. If the items in the box are valuable, list all items down properly.

4. Use moving boxes as much as possible when packing your stuff. Moving boxes are sturdy and can withstand stacking up to 3 or 5 boxes high. Moving boxes are also bigger in size, and the lids can close easily which is safer for your things.

5. Be sure to check the bottom of the box, and check on the side of the boxes for tear. Use tape to hold the tear and the bottom of the box.

6. Never fill the box with heavy stuffs that you might be having a hard time carrying the box. Ideal is to mix the box like heavy books on the bottom and stuff toys starting from the middle to the top.

7. Always use bubble wrap and old newspapers to wrap fragile things like chinaware, glass, art works, and mirrors. It will protect from breakage and scratches.

8. Mark boxes as fragile if it is fragile, and mark the boxes where it has to go.

9. Pack essential items like food, valuable, soap, shampoos, medicines in another box that is easy to locate.

10. If you do not have time to pack or in doubt, it is better to consult an expert mover.