What Are The Aspects of a Building Survey?

When surveying a building, we need to remember that this process needs to be as thorough as possible. So it doesn’t really surprise any of us to know that this could take up to a day. Its final report could possibly take two weeks before you receive it too. This report shall have its say about the findings and also give some recommendations, depending on what they have found on the building itself. Specialists like the surveyors in Ashby De La Zouch prove to be the best in this area. They will not cut corners in the process of the survey.

The surveying process takes a lot of time because it has a lot of aspects that needs to be looked over. This is very important because we really would prefer if the building that people will be occupying wouldn’t suddenly collapse on them.

Below is the list that is included in surveying a building:

  • Insignificant and very important defects (and also what they would actually mean)
  • The results in the test for the damp in those walls
  • Some alterations to the supporting walls
  • Some of the renovations that happened while not doing some necessary planning
  • Asbestos or any hazardous materials
  • Subsidence evidence
  • Roof and masonry damage
  • Timber damage
  • Some big trees that are close to the property
  • Dry rot, woodworm and some other damage that happened to timbers
  • Conditions of advice on non-tested drainage, insulation and existing damp proofing.
  • Anything relevant regarding technical info and all the information about the materials that they used on the building
  • Recommendations and suggestions for further investigations regarding the property

When the survey is done and completed and you now have the report after a couple of weeks, it will show its findings. Whether the building has discovered some minor and major things that could possibly compromise the building’s entire structure, it will say in the report if so.

Every possible issue and problem will be stated in the report, along with some suggestions as to what you could do to remedy the problems, should there be any. They will also include the costs of repair for those as well as say what could happen should you not remedy the problem.

It should also be noted that a full survey would not only have a full survey report, but also a property evaluation and a building inspection. That is basically what the entire process is. This inspection is valid and the surveyors themselves have a legal responsibility to completing the whole process without any bias or something of the like. It could get very dangerous if it isn’t done properly, especially when it’s hazardous enough to be inside a building.

This is why we have building surveyors and why they take a lot of time to finish the whole entire process to begin with. They examine different aspects so they will know what needs to be changed and that we are well-informed about it.