Let’s Prepare Your Home For A New Puppy

It’s not a human baby, however, that doesn’t meant it won’t need the attention and care that it should get. You are not just going to look for the items it needs to live, you are also going to have to puppify the home it will stay from now on. Dogster says that you need to look at the puppy checklist first before taking you puppy home.

Here’s the checklist:

  • Toys – something it can chew on and snuggle into when it goes to sleep. So it can feel at home.
  • Carrier – particularly a soft-sided one. This will help you carry your tiny pet safely for when you go to the vet just in case.
  • Bed – for it so sleep in. it can’t just sleep on the floor. It can do that when it’s older.
  • Food and Water Bowls – this should be obvious. Food helps keep it alive. What kind of own er would we be if we don’t feed and just let it starve?
  • Newspapers and piddle pads – it’s going to leak all over the place. So you don’t end up wiping the floor every single time, have these.
  • Collar and a leash – these are going to be replaced as it grows soon. You’ll be walking your new buddy around town so it can get the exercise it needs and since it isn’t a good idea to just let it walk without a leash, buy one. Or two.

Time to prepare your home

First of all, make sure that there are no debris on the floor and that it’s always clean. Puppies will want to chew and bite on eating. This is to prevent them from suffering a choking hazard.

Electrical cords need to be elevated and candles should be put away safely. Same goes for some candy jars and glass menagerie. No more of those toxic stuff like ant traps, grapes, chocolate and cigarette butts because those can be deadly to them.

As for rooms it shouldn’t enter, install baby gates. Never use the dangerous types of gates like the accordion style because those are only for toddlers.

Even with that, remember that puppies will still get into thing, therefore you need to do stuff different from now on now that you have your tiny buddy. Never leave easy-to-open containers, backpacks, briefcases, purses and grocery bags on the floor.

Another note, you might want to block the stairs. At least until it’s big enough to go up and down without hurting itself.

Since this is still a baby, make sure that you talk to it while you are driving it all the way home. The greeter should only just be immediate family members too, so the welcoming is calm. Now, despite all this preparation, you should know to do your own extensive research depending on the breed it is. There are times that a different dog breed has its own different kinds of preparation. You need to be careful on that front.