Features That Can Reduce Your Home’s Value

Time will come that you will need to sell your beloved home. Perhaps you found a better home to move into. If the company that you’re working for has assigned you to manage a branch in another country, necessitating you and your family to transfer your home. If you want to leave your present home to start a new life after a devastating divorce.

Whatever your reason is, you do want to get the most value of your house. Unfortunately, aside from disrepair, there are some things in your home that can actually decrease its value. It’s quite useful to know what these “home features” are so you won’t invest on them in the first place!

* Swimming pool – at first glance, a swimming pool seem to be an added value. But unless your potential buyers are millionaires, most of your buyers will see the pool as an added hassle. Just think: they’ll be spending a lot of time, money, and effort in maintaining that pool.

* Absence of a garage – if your potential buyer has a car, it follows that he will need a house with a garage. He won’t be overjoyed if he knows that he’ll have to park his car right on the side of the street. Generally, a two-car garage is ideal.

* Extra rooms – lots of small rooms all around the house are not really attractive. In fact, they just send a signal of exasperation to the buyer. Why? Well, he’ll have to decide how he is going to use those extra rooms.

* Outmoded systems – unless your prospect has a knack for the ancient, no one really wants to live in a house with antiquated plumbing and electrical systems, appliances, and fixtures. Have your home “modernized” before selling it.

* Too much personal décor – a bright shade of pink all throughout the house may delight you. But it wouldn’t attract the average buyer. Keep personal tastes at a minimum.

* Damaged roof – roofs are costly to repair, and a patched roof readily turns off the potential buyer. Have your roof fixed before offering your home to the market.

After all these features of your home are addressed, you can be assured of a great ROI!