Make Yourself a Cozy Home Office

At last, you quit from that dead-end job of yours. Finally, you have gathered enough willpower and courage to start out your own home-based business. Or perhaps you’ll still work with an employer, but this time, you can work in the comfort of your own home!

Working at home is the latest trend in employment or business today. By working at home, you have the ultimate flexibility and freedom to suit your schedule, activities, workload, and other factors to your preference. You can save money, gas, time, and effort. And best of all, you have complete control over your success, with no boss breathing on your neck, demanding you hand in the best reports in the world at the shortest amount of time, or expect you to do something miraculous.

But the conveniences of home can tempt you to simply relax rather than maximize your time at work. To encourage you to work on your projects, you need to have a home office. Here are a few tips on how to set up your own workspace at home.

* Look for an extra space. An extra room or an unused garden shed (why not? A garden office! How cool is that!) will make a perfect home office. You will have all the space and privacy you need.

* You can still set up a workstation even if you don’t have an extra room. Look for an unused corner or nook to set up your office.

* You can also set up your work station under the stairs or a landing. A large unused wardrobe space also makes a good office space.

* If you are pressed for space, you can install shelves on a wall and put up a table that you can fold down. Also, check out home improvement stores. They usually have an assortment of space-saver furniture (i.e. tables and chairs that fold neatly inside a cabinet) that you can fold up when not in use.

* To maintain privacy, use a screen or curtain to separate your office space from your living space.

* Lay out your work station in such a way that you have all items and equipment within easy reach.

* Your work station should have enough space for you to jot down notes. It should also have enough room to let drawers and file cabinets open.

* Hang bulletin boards, calendars, and white boards where you can see them easily.

* Ensure that the place is well lighted.

* Internet connection in your workstation must be reliable.

Are you ready to work at home? Establish a home office now!