Common Residential Drainage Systems

It can be really easy as a homeowner to assume that you don’t need to know anything about your home’s drainage system. Unfortunately, this can result in major problems down the road and in choosing the wrong type of system for your home and your property. It’s best to educate yourself about the four main types of drainage systems so that you know which one you have.

Downspout and Gutter

This type of system has a downspout attached to gutters on the home and carries the water away through the ground. Water is diverted out onto a slope so that it won’t pool by the house, which helps prevent moisture problems in the crawlspace or in the basement. This also helps to prevent problems with very wet ground around the house affecting the structure of the home.


Subsurface drainage systems are placed directly beneath the top of the soil. They remove water from around roots in the yard, preventing trees and plants from drowning. This type of drainage system can often cause blocked drains in Southampton if roots are able to penetrate the pipes. If this happens, it is best to call a professional who can come and clear the pipes to ensure that the water is flowing correctly.


These drainage systems have to have ditches dug parallel to each other for the best result. The shallow ditches help with water run-off and lead into a main drain away from the home to prevent flooding. This is a great option for flat areas and ones that have a lot of precipitation as they work hard to keep water from pooling.


These systems allow water to flow gently down a slope away from the home. There is often an installed pipe that helps water flow away from the house via gravity. This pipe is sturdy and protected with a grate to prevent animals or humans from falling into it. Using the right drainage system around a home is key to ensuring that there isn’t any flooding and that the house isn’t in danger when it rains. Homeowners need to understand the types of drainage systems and work with professionals so they can be sure that they have the right systems in place at their homes.