A Guide To Scrap Metal Preparation

A Guide To Scrap Metal Preparation: What You Need To Know

If you are a tradie, you probably accumulate a lot of scrap metal. Sooner or later, a trip to your local scrap metal yard is in order. There’s a lot of money in the scrap metal industry, especially now that recycling has become the norm and you can’t just throw the scrap metal onto a truck and head off to the scrap metal yard.

Here are a few tips on preparing scrap metal for its journey to transform into something else that will be useful to others.

Think Safety

Metal can be very sharp and quite heavy and should therefore be handled with care. Wearing gloves is a good idea, which prevents cuts or splinters. Be very careful when lifting heavy metal and always remember to use your legs when lifting, not your back. If you happen to live in Australia, there is a Sydney scrap metal pick up from a leading dealer who offers the best prices and collects for free. Always be wary of touching scrap metal, as there could be sharp or jagged edges, which can cut very easily. Engineering waste is very dangerous, with lathe shavings that can pierce the skin, so wear thick gloves when handling such items.

Tools & Equipment

Unless the scrap metal happens to be in a condition where no disassembly is required, you will probably need tools to disassemble the equipment, which has to be done at some point. A magnet is a great tool for scrap metal preparation, as only ferrous metals will be attracted. The general rule is, if it doesn’t stick, it is likely to be a higher value metal like aluminium or copper.

Getting the Scrap Metal to the Recycling Plant

If you have a pick-up and half a day to spare, you could load up your scrap and head off to the nearest recycling plant, but the best idea is to search online for a recycling plant that collects. All you need to do is sort it and the dealer will arrive with his scales and cash is paid. He will then load it onto his truck and with a quick fist-bump, he’s on his way and you have a few more dollars in your wallet.

Pre-Sorting Pays

If you are selling a lot of scrap metal that needs sorting, the dealer will offer you a ‘take it away as is’ price, which means you don’t have to sort, yet you would receive a little more if the metal was pre-sorted. The actual amount would depend on the metals and weight, so it might not make much of a difference.

Know the Value

Prior to parting with your scrap metal, Google scrap prices for the metals you are getting rid of, then you will know you are getting a fair price. Much like precious metals, the iron, steel, copper and lead recycling price Sydney and yards in other locations offer fluctuates on a daily basis. This is mainly due to the current supply-demand ratio. The Internet is the easiest way to find out the value of 50kg of copper piping and even small amounts are collected, as the dealer schedules the pick-up to suit when it is a small amount.